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Group Purchasing

Why is Group Purchasing important?

Group purchasing, also known as collective buying or bulk buying, involves a number of organizations coming together to leverage their combined purchasing power to secure discounts, negotiate better terms, and achieve cost savings on goods and services. For small organizations, engaging in group purchasing can bring about numerous benefits that contribute to their overall efficiency and financial well-being. Here are some key advantages:

IHN’s group purchasing organization is designed to cater specifically to the health industry, offering tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and demands of healthcare. This ensures that your organization can acquire medical supplies, equipment, and services efficiently and cost-effectively. We have established strategic partnerships with suppliers across the region to ensure you receive the best price for the things you need. 

Our Supplier Partnerships & Process

1. Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals

Ensure the health and well-being of your patients by accessing a diverse range of vaccines and pharmaceuticals through our group purchasing organization. Benefit from negotiated pricing and reliable sources to meet your organization’s immunization and medication needs.

2. Office Supplies

Streamline your administrative operations with cost-effective procurement of office supplies. From everyday essentials to specialized equipment, IHN’s group purchasing organization provides access to a wide array of office supplies, helping you maintain an efficient and well-equipped workplace.

3. Medical Equipment and Supplies

Beyond vaccines, access a comprehensive selection of medical equipment and supplies crucial for patient care. IHN’s group purchasing organization facilitates efficient procurement of diagnostic tools, treatment equipment, and consumables, ensuring your healthcare facility is well-equipped to provide quality care.

4. Facility Remodeling and Building Contracts 

Enhance the infrastructure of your healthcare facility through our group purchasing organization’s offerings. Access building contracts and services for office remodeling, construction, and facility upgrades. This includes sourcing contractors and suppliers for projects that contribute to the modernization and improvement of your healthcare environment.

7. Efficient Procurement Process

Leveraging IHN’s group purchasing organization streamlines the procurement process for healthcare organizations. Enjoy the efficiency of a centralized purchasing system that reduces administrative burdens, enhances coordination, and ensures timely access to critical healthcare resources.

Become An IHN Member

Becoming a member of IHN not only grants access to a network of health-focused organizations but also opens the door to a specialized group purchasing organization. This affiliation enhances the benefits of group purchasing by tailoring solutions to the unique needs of the healthcare industry, fostering collaboration within the health community, and providing access to specialized expertise and supplier relationships.

Empowering Independent Medical Practices for Success
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