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Our Consulting Services

Each area of our consulting services is designed to support clinics both in starting up their private practice and improving a practice that’s already established and looking for ways to improve. 

​​Clinic Operations Optimization:

Effective clinic operations rely on the use of specific healthcare key performance indicators (KPIs) as objective tools to establish a baseline of performance. By utilizing KPI data, clinics can compare their performance with similar practices, identifying areas for enhanced efficiency. The initial analysis, combined with the establishment of an ongoing KPI program, empowers clinics to optimize operations and increase their bottom line.

Fractional Leadership:

Is your clinic facing a short-term need for an experienced medical practice administrator? Whether due to an unexpected loss of a valued employee or rapid clinic growth, IHN can provide short-term practice leadership. This approach offers benefits such as cost reduction (no employer-employee relationship), greater flexibility, and specialized experience tailored to specific needs.

Human Resources Support:

IHN assists clinics in developing comprehensive employee handbooks, conducting compensation reviews, designing compensation plans, and providing healthcare leadership support and mentoring. We also offer support in creating position descriptions, managing position postings, and overseeing the applicant process from screening to job offers.

Policy and Procedures:

Creating policies and procedures for a clinic can be challenging. IHN provides support in developing clinic-specific templates for common policies, making the process more manageable. Our goal is to help clinics establish effective policies and procedures tailored to their unique setting.

Empowering Independent Medical Practices for Success
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