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Contracting & Credentialing

Provider Contracting & Credentialing

Provider contracting and credentialing are complex and time-consuming processes within the healthcare industry. Ensuring that healthcare providers receive fair contracts and are properly credentialed is essential. 

Contracting and Credentialing involves the thorough verification of a healthcare provider’s qualifications, experience, and licensure to guarantee that they meet the standards set by accrediting bodies, state regulations, and insurance payors. This process is pivotal for facilitating prompt and accurate payment for services provided at your facility.

Navigating the intricacies of provider credentialing can be a daunting and time-consuming task for healthcare professionals. That’s where our dedicated team comes in. We understand the challenges involved in the credentialing process, and our goal is to streamline this procedure for you. We prioritize accuracy, compliance, and timeliness to ensure that you can start providing services to patients covered by various insurance plans without unnecessary delays.

How IHN will help

Our services are designed to support healthcare providers receiving contracts and successfully complete credentialing. Drawing upon our expertise and resources, our goal is to simplify the intricate and time-consuming steps inherent in the credentialing process. To achieve this, we’ve implemented a system that not only facilitates the collection and verification of all requisite information but also ensures its accuracy. Moreover, our system integrates cutting-edge automation, effectively streamlining tasks and monitoring their completion. This strategic approach enhances overall efficiency and accuracy, enabling healthcare providers to dedicate more time to patient care and less to administrative challenges.

Whether you are a new healthcare provider entering the field or an established professional seeking to expand your network of payor contracts, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process efficiently. We have longstanding, positive relationships with contract managers representing multiple payors. These relationships enable us to negotiate on your behalf and advocate for the specific needs of your facility. 

Our promise

By partnering with us, healthcare providers can navigate the credentialing landscape with confidence, knowing that they have a reliable ally supporting them in the intricate process of establishing and maintaining relationships with payors.

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