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Empowering Independent Medical Practices for Success

From starting your practice, to credentialing, contracting and group purchasing, we help new and established practices thrive in today’s healthcare landscape.

We focus on the business side of healthcare


We actively represent the interests of independent medicine on various fronts to create a supportive healthcare environment.


We help practitioners navigate the complexities of independent medicine from start-up to sustainability.


We offer a wealth of resources to empower practitioners with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.

Operational Support

We provide practical support in areas such as contracting, credentialing, policy & procedures, and practice management.

So you can focus on your patients

Your Partners in Independent Medicine

Our Services

Contracting & Credentialing

Make sure all the necessary contracting and credentialing is taken care of in time

New Clinic Start-up

Starting an independent clinic requires a lot of work and preparation. Don’t miss a thing working with IHN

Group Purchasing

Purchasing necessities for your clinic is easier, faster, and more affordable.


Have a question about your practice? Work with IHN to find answers.

About Us

Meet the Team

IHN is a team of professionals who believe in the value of independent medicine. Our number one priority is to support private practitioners in this sector of healthcare.


Stay up to date with IHN

Check out our blog for news, updates, resources, and other helpful information!

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Why Join an IPA?

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, providers face numerous challenges in maintaining the balance between

Empowering Independent Medical Practices for Success
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