Quality care at an equitable cost has been a cornerstone of Integrity Health Network and its predecessor organizations since our inception.  Due to our extensive Quality Improvement programs, we are consistently recognized for excellent performance.  These honors prove that independent providers deliver high-quality and lower-cost care. Ultimately we bring tremendous value to the healthcare marketplace. 


Many of our members are top performers in their own right, some even achieving “best-in-class” status.  Cromwell Medical Clinic is a consistent top performer in diabetes care. Unfortunately there is little public recognition of the quality and cost achievements in specialty clinics, but data shows that IHN’s specialists are leaders in their respective specialties regarding both cost and quality. 


IHN is actively involved in quality improvement at the state level with representation on committees in Minnesota Community Measurement and Minnesota Bridges to Excellence. We participate in contractual and state-required clinical data reporting, as well as internal QI programming.

We became the first organization of our type to apply and be approved for membership in ICSI, the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement. While already having an ingrained culture of quality improvement, we recognize the value of such membership and seek to be excellent, not just better at improving the clinical outcomes of our patient populations.

With quality improvement being an integral part of health reform at both state and federal levels, IHN is proactively involving every member of our organization in this work. This involvement has led to our network and clinics receiving multiple recognition awards for the quality of care we deliver.

By providing tools, training and often actually performing data collection in the clinics, IHN QI staff help keep the performance of our clinics and our providers in our vision. We believe that what is measured does improve.

Currently we are working with our clinics to help them build into their culture the concept of Rapid Cycle QI Process. This is a process that drives improvement by looking at smaller amounts of data frequently and then making adjustments in the work flow and clinical processes to improve the data.

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