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Perhaps you're a solo practitioner in a small town; or the newly appointed medical director of a multi-specialty clinic in a growing community and busy practice; or a lab manager trying to write a policy to keep your facility's lab in compliance with mounting regulations...or the busy administrator responsible for human resources, billing, practice management, purchasing - the list goes on. We're all trying to do so much more these days with less. IHN realizes people need a place to recharge - to be able to ask questions and learn among peers. We offer a number of groups within our organization to help our busy clinic staffs continue their education and network:

  • Advisory Committee
    A committee of administrators and physicians whose purpose is to advise the Board of Governors and administration on various areas of our operation.

  • Medical Director QI Committee
    Every Integrity clinic is required to have a physician medical director serve on our Quality Improvement Committee. This committee sets our strategic direction in quality improvement and reviews our results throughout the year.

  • Quality Improvement Coordinators Group

       As with our Medical Director QI Committee, each clinic is required to have a staff person who accepts the role as

       QI Coordinator. Each one provides input to the MD QI Committee which then develops our annual QI plan. QI

       Coordinators launch the plan, shepherding it through each clinic's unique culture.

  • Clinic Administrative Group
    Our clinic administrators meet monthly to discuss contract issues, ask and answer questions, and network.

  • Professional Development Series
    Each year IHN sponsors a series of professional development training sessions as identified by the needs of the clinics.  Some topics that have been presented are human resource, coding & billing, health plan contracting training, just to name a few.

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