Essentially all clinics are being measured by someone, in some way on a regular basis. Health plans and other entities routinely visit our clinics to do chart audits and are continually analyzing and publishing data from claims and other sources. 

IHN has a strong history and tradition of cooperating with these outside efforts but we also believe in and reinforce self-measurement and internal reporting. We encourage and facilitate this at both the network and the individual clinic levels.

By providing tools, training and often actually performing data collection in the clinics, IHN QI staff help keep the performance of our clinics and our providers in our vision. We believe that what is measured does improve.

Currently we are working with our clinics to help them build into their culture the concept of Rapid Cycle QI Process. This is a process that drives improvement by looking at smaller amounts of data frequently and then making adjustments in the work flow and clinical processes to improve the data.


Minnesota Community Measurement

A Minnesota-based collaborative that collects, organizes and reports quality improvement data on clinics and medical groups throughout the state. The data on this site is representative of all patients that may be seen in a clinic for the conditions listed.


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