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Health Plan contracting is done as a network to provide benefit to our member clinics by contracting as a larger entity. We contract with most major Minnesota and Wisconsin payers and a small group of national plans. Clinics are not required to participate in every negotiated contract; we leave that up to their discretion. We began as, and remain, an organization willing to assume risk in our contracts and actively look for ways in which to create alternative reimbursement models. This provides us an edge against some of our competitors in the market place, allowing us to meet the needs of our clinics, facilities, patients, and payers.


Integrity delivers proactive management of high value health care to the health plans. We watch our utilization numbers closely. We watch our claims for trends, and we strive to educate our partners, our physicians and our patients about how to better manage their care delivery. We proactively train our clinic's staff about the latest health plan updates and make sure they are aware of our partners regarding each product we are contracted for.


Our Current List of Health Plan Contracts 

America's PPO

Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire





Preferred One

Sanford Health Plan

Security Health Plan

Senior Partners Care

Three Rivers Provider Network


WEA Trust 

Wisconsin Physician Service

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