Elected Officers:

Dr. Patrick Hall, Chairman, Orthopaedic Associates of Duluth, MN

Dr. Lisa Graham, Vice-Chairman Relf EyeCare Specialists

Board Members:

Melissa Larson, President & CEO, Integrity Health Network, LLC, Duluth, MN

Dr. Quinn Carmichael, Radiologists Associated in Duluth, Ltd., Duluth, MN

Dr. George Fall, Fall General Surgery, Ashland, WI/Duluth, MN

Dr. Mitchell Gossman, Eye Associates of Central MN, St. Cloud, MN

Dr. Brent Kelley, NorthLakes Community Clinic, Hayward, WI

Dr. Daniel McKee,  Northland Gastroenterology, Duluth, MN

Medical Leadership:

Dr. David C. McKee, Northland Neurology, Duluth, MN - Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director-Specialty Care

Dr. Christopher J. Wenner,  Cold Spring, MN, Medical Director - Primary Care

Clinic Leadership:

Rachael Perlinger, Administrator, Northland Plastic Surgery, Duluth, MN

Vanya Rickmeyer, Administrator, Orthopaedic Associates, Duluth, MN

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