Elected Officers:

Dr. Patrick Hall, Chairman, Orthopaedic Associates of Duluth, MN

Dr. Lisa Graham, Vice-Chairman Relf EyeCare Specialists

Board Members:

Melissa Larson, President & CEO, Integrity Health Network, LLC, Duluth, MN

Dr. Quinn Carmichael, Radiologists Associated in Duluth, Ltd., Duluth, MN

Dr. George Fall, Fall General Surgery, Ashland, WI/Duluth, MN

Dr. Kelly Fandel, Sartell Pediatrics, Sartell, MN

Dr. Mitchell Gossman, Eye Associates of Central MN, St. Cloud, MN

Dr. Brent Kelley, NorthLakes Community Clinic, Hayward, WI

Dr. Daniel McKee,  Northland Gastroenterology, Duluth, MN

Medical Leadership:

Dr. David C. McKee, Northland Neurology, Duluth, MN - Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director-Specialty Care

Dr. Christopher J. Wenner,  Cold Spring, MN, Medical Director - Primary Care

Clinic Leadership:

Rachael Perlinger, Administrator, Northland Plastic Surgery, Duluth, MN

Vanya Rickmeyer, Administrator, Orthopaedic Associates, Duluth, MN

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