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Clinics and facilities interested in joining Integrity Health Network are encouraged to talk to our existing member clinics. Membership in our network requires a solid partnership, an agreement on mission and vision values, and a drive to provide the best care in a cost effective manner. We look for members to become partners for the long-term.


Process to join:

  1. The first step is to contact us. Call or email us and learn more about who we are. A face-to-face visit is often scheduled after the initial calls and emails if both the clinic or facility and Integrity feel this may be a good match.

  2. To formally apply, send us a letter outlining why you want to join Integrity. Be specific in what you feel makes our organizations a good partnership, what you hope to gain from working together, and what you bring to the organization.

  3. Integrity's Board of Governors will review the letter of application and determine whether we move forward in the process.

  4. If the board approves, then the full due diligence process begins. We will request information about your practice and providers (Uniform Credentialing Applications, DEAs, licenses, malpractice info, etc) and ask you to equally well vet out Integrity. Ensure from your perspective that we have shared goals.

  5. If the clinic passes the background checks, then we will arrange for a medical director to do a site visit and chart review. There is a charge of $100 per provider for charts reviewed.

  6. After the chart review and due diligence process is complete, we bring the information to our Board of Governors for a final vote.

  7. If approved, we will send the clinic or facility a Care Participation Agreement to review, sign and return.


This process can take anywhere from two to nine months, depending on the speed in which information is shared and returned when requested, meetings are scheduled between the organizations, health plan required credentialing, etc.

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