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For decades two groups of physicians championed independent medicine in our region: Northland Medical Associates, a network of specialists, and Northstar Physicians Network, a group of primary care providers.  


In 2010 these two networks merged, forming Integrity Health Network (IHN), a move applauded by experts as way ahead of the ever-sharpening curve in healthcare.   

Since joining forces, the new network has revolutionized how the primary care provider and specialist work together. State and regional entities have recognized our Total Cost of Care, Quality Improvement and Care Continuum Initiatives as models of success. 

Through our goals, we have achieved the impetus behind all the recent mandates in healthcare: making healthcare organizations more accountable to the consumer for the purpose of lowering costs and improving quality and efficiency of the patient experience. In other words, what is known as the Triple Aim.  

Our future is focused on helping our members increase their contribution to improving the health of their communities. IHN is leading several collaborative efforts that bring together area hospitals, social service agencies, and other local, regional, and state agencies that play a part in a patient's overall health to improve outcomes for that patient. 

The name "Integrity" is a bold statement about how we operate and how we provide our care. 


It drives us as a network to act always on the behalf of what is best for our members, our patients, and our communities. 

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