Quality Improvement has been part of our organizational culture since 1986. Northstar Physicians Network, one of our founding organizations, pioneered many of the principles that are now common to the QI movement. These include physician-level QI data collection and reporting and pay-for-performance.

Integrity is actively involved in quality improvement at the state level with representation on committees in Minnesota Community Measurement and Minnesota Bridges to Excellence. We participate in contractual and state-required clinical data reporting, as well as internal QI programming.

In 2010, we became the first organization of our type to apply and be approved for membership in ICSI, the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement. While already having an ingrained culture of quality improvement, we recognize the value of such membership and seek to excel, not just improve, the clinical outcomes of our patient populations.

With improvement being an integral part of health reform at both state and federal levels, Integrity is proactively involving every member of our organiztion in QI. For 2011, each is actively performing at least one major initiative to improve the care they deliver. At the core of these programs is our Quality Improvement Medical Director's group that is made up of one physician from each clinic-member. Together these physicians guide the QI program for our network.

We also have an active Quality Improvement Coordinator's group that is made up of one staff person from each member-clinic. This group meets at least quarterly and is involved in program facilitation and various other informational and educational opportunities.


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Our Mission: To provide a model of care inspired by and centered around our patients. We will be a model for independent medical practice - working

collaboratively to promote, exand and strengthen the independent practitioner community.