The Strength of Independents

You may ask yourself (as we have time and again) how does a group of independently owned and operated clinics remain successful in an era of corporate acquisitions, buyouts, mergers and top-down management run organizations?

The answer is we work together. We share ideas and goals for improving care. Perhaps most importantly, the tie that binds us together is our shared belief that the patient is the center of our care and the reason for our existence.

Independent health care providers have a vested interest in both the viability and the quality of their practice. We are compelled to focus on the quality of care we give and not just the volume of patients we see. That means more individualized and personal care, increasing patients' potential for better health and a more positive care experience.

The practice of medicine is more than just a job or a career; it is a calling to serve people. Independence provides physicians and providers greater opportunity to fulfill that calling. Active research leads to our many quality initiatives driven by our physicians, clinicians and clinic staff. Our doctors continually strive to improve care. We believe that we can make things better than we started.

When visiting an Integrity Health Network clinic, our name is not displayed in capital letters on the door. You will see the names of the clinic, physicians and providers. Active involvement makes the difference. Integrity Health Network enhances programs and services in our clinics. Rather than dictating, we improve patient care through member involvement and by listening to suggestions from patients and their families. From the boardroom to the exam room, our patients come first.

Integrity Health Network does not own clinics; we are owned by a group of independent and autonomous clinics, joined together with the purpose of improving the patient care experience and enhancing healthcare outcomes. Integrity respects each clinic's unique culture and seeks to serve the needs common to all without diluting the value of this individuality.

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Our Mission: To provide a model of care inspired by and centered around our patients. We will be a model for independent medical practice - working

collaboratively to promote, exand and strengthen the independent practitioner community.